Memorial Day Weekend Hours – Burley Park Flea Market – New Arrivals – Weekly Specials


This week is going to be hectic to say the least… As usual we are going to be setting up at the Burley Park Flea Market on Monday!  This last week we brought in another 14 Arcade Machines. Most of these still need to be transported to the store still, they are at the Lake Odessa storage facility. We are going to be taking the Memorial day weekend off to get the arcade room in order with all new stuff!  Due to the fact that we are going to be pulling the store apart for Burley Park it looks like Tuesday we will likely be closed as well, we are going to be doing a full cleaning and rearranging. 

Store Hours for this Week

Monday – 11am – 7pm 

Tuesday – 11am – 7pm

Wednesday – 11am – 7pm

Thursday – 11am – 7pm

Friday – Closed

Saturday – Closed

Sunday – Closed

Monday – Closed 

Tuesday – Closed

For more Information about Burley Park Flea Market click on this Link -

Look all these new Arcade Machines that we just got – I will be posting new pictures and and updating the arcade page all week so please check back if there is one listed that you would like to look at.

Gottlieb's – Sky Jump – Pinball Machine – As is $250 – if you want us to shop it out 100% working – $600 – Back Glass Mint

Midway Hyper Drive Sit Down Racer – Super Fun Game – $750 

Pole Position 2 – Collector Condition – Super Clean Cabinet!! – 100% Functional – Nice Monitor – $450 – At Lake Odessa Location Currently

The rest of these Machines I will have pictures of later this week – I will more then likely put them in another blog posting – Some will be in Lake O and some will be coming back to the store – currently they are all out there

New Donkey Kong Jr. Machine not the same one that was in the store – Much nicer condition – $750

Dig Dug – Collector Condition – All new Control Panel overlay – Super Clean – $750

Defender – Collector Condition – All new Control Panel overlay – Super Clean – $750 

Joust - Collector Condition – All new Control Panel overlay – Super Clean – $750

Wizard of Wor – Bad Monitor – as is – $250

Gorf - Collector Condition – All new Control Panel overlay – Super Clean – $750

Operation Wolf – $400

Area 51 – $450

Console New Arrivals 

Legend of Zelda – Twilight Princess 

Legend of Zelda – Wind Waker


Boxed complete copies of 

Final Fantasy – Rare Canadian Version 

Destiny of the Emperor

Nobunaga's Ambition 


We also super stocked up this weekend on our PS2 and Game Cube Selection!

This weeks Specials

Xbox consoles – $35 w/ 1 3rd Party Controller

ALL RROD Repairs – $40 / YLOD Repairs – $55

All Bargain Box Games Buy 2 get 1 Free  

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